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Jun 27, 2016

Welcome to 2016/17!


A new financial year – what are you going to try to achieve this year?


Are you happy with your financial performance?  Are you happy with the support that you’re receiving from your accounting/advisory firm?  Are you getting feedback?


I’m going to ask you six questions to undertake a...

Jun 22, 2016

The Australian government has finalised the legislation for the Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESICs) prior to the Parliament being adjourned for the Federal election.  Unfortunately, the legislation for Crowd Funding Equity Raising entities was still being debated in the Senate when the Senate adjourned.  Hopefully,...

Jun 16, 2016

Do you know that accountants/advisers have been identified by small/medium enterprises as being your “trusted adviser”?  This is a recognition of accountants/advisers supplying a wider range of professional services other than taxation.


Taxation doesn’t help you add value to your business, however some of the...

Jun 8, 2016

Business plans are very important for all types of businesses, large and small.


Business plans for businesses are just like maps for tourists.  It helps you determine where you’re going to go and to be able to measure along the way whether you’re on target.


Some of the key things contained in developing a...

Jun 6, 2016

The normal understanding of succession is basically what would happen within the business if something happened to the owner or CEO.


I believe that a “succession strategy” requires a far broader review of what’s happening within a business relative to succession because there should be a succession plan for...