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May 15, 2014

Not all accountants are interested in providing services beyond taxation.  Iā€™m disappointed to say this but, unfortunately, that is the real situation.  In fact, I believe that only about 40% of accountants, who are in public practice, are really interested in matters beyond taxation, audit, financial planning and SMSFs. Unfortunately, small businesses are requiring greater services to be provided by accountants.  The surveys that have been conducted by CCH, MYOB, Smithink 2020 and universities have all indicated that the small business community is looking for a greater range of services to be made available to them by their accountants. The problem a small business operator has is finding an accountant who understands the wider commercial issues beyond just tax.  From my discussions with small business operators, ā€“ from start-ups, people who invented new technology, and very experienced business operators ā€“ it all comes down to one very important aspect: in the main, they are all looking for accountants who are proactive and not reactive.